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At COURSE we create educational resources and experiences for a different kind of thinker: YOU

Learning with COURSE is learning where you are at.  We create dynamic, imaginative adventures that are rooted in a foundation of culturally responsive and culturally competent theoretical frameworks, best practices, and, most importantly, lived experience.  

At COURSE we explore  We integrate indigenous/ non-Western approaches & content; constructivist activities; immediate ideas, diverse platforms & tools; and hold them together with love and astonishment.    We have built a team of highly qualified, visionary educators around the globe.  

COURSE is learning, teaching and building for everyone.  

COURSE is travel for your soul and beauty for your brains.   

about course

meet the team


dr. tanya  merriman

Dr. Tanya Merriman is a Chicago born educator and writer. 

Dr. Merriman holds her MAT in Teaching English and her Ed.D. in Curriculum Design and Ed Leadership.  She is the author of Those Who Can: a Handbook for Teaching and has contributed several chapters and articles to books and publications on education.   Tanya has taught in public, parochial and charter schools; she has taught nearly every grade level from Pre-K to doctoral students; and she has served as an administrator and designer of new schools, and curricular programs.  She has also taught new teachers at the graduate level for more than a decade.  Her panoramic view of education helps her to lead the team at LVLC/ COURSE to effectively respond to educational issues and to move teaching and learning forward with energy and imagination. 


rosemary mangosing baker, M.A.T.

Rosemary Baker holds a Master's in Elementary Education from Northwestern, And a BA in Sociology from Loyola Marymount. She began her career in education over two decades ago as an elementary school teacher on the South Side of Chicago. Her focus has always been to develop rigorous, healthy, and engaging learning environments in which children thrive. Along with her content knowledge, design and facilitation skills, she brings experience from several school settings - private, charter, and public - where she created high quality learning experiences for both teachers and students.


evelyn flores

Evelyn graduated from San Jose State University with BS in Psychology. While going to college she worked at Starbucks, after graduating she decide to stay with the company after graduating to pursue a career in Human Resources. While working there she developed a passion for teaching and training employees retail stores. She understood that all people have different learning styles and when paired with the right trainer they excelled. At LVLC she hopes to continue that passion and connect people with the right teachers.